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Dott. Luka Lakićević is a multilingual wine industry professional with approaches from several angles: he is a consultant in viticulture and an aspiring online retailer.

Italy, France, Serbia, Russia and Bulgaria have two things in common: one, their national languages belong to the Indo-European family; two, these countries that contributed to Luka each in their own way at different stages of his voyage.

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Luka Lakićević is a founding partner of an Italian network of professionals that specializes in viticulture. “Vinesulting” is the catchy name they came up with to summarize their activities: Consulting in Vinegrowing/Viticulture.

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Winery Lakićević

Wines from Kosovo and Metohija – Vinarija Lakićević is a family owned winery in Leposavić, in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, producing organic grapes and outstanding wine.

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PG Marija Barić

A conventional farm producing corn and sunflower seeds, as well as cereal.

Šara 25 Gin

This distilled gin has been made from 25 different hand-harvested herbs from the forest of the Šara mountain above Prizren, the heart of Kosovo


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