About Luka

Personal profession

Dott. Luka Lakićević is a multilingual wine industry professional with approaches from several angles: he is a consultant in viticulture and an aspiring online retailer.

Italy, France, Serbia, Russia and Bulgaria have two things in common: one, their national languages belong to the Indo-European family; two, these countries that contributed to Luka each in their own way at different stages of his voyage.

First-born of four to a Serbian father and a Russian mother, he grew up in post-communist Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, all the while frequently visiting friends and family in his national countries. In his early twenties, he moved to the northern-most region of Italy, South Tyrol, to the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano for his undergraduate studies in B.Sc. Agricultural and Agro-Environmental Sciences in three languages: English, Italian and German. He took and extra semester and undertook an internship with Dott. Agr. Stefano Dini, a prominent Italian consultant in viticulture – they agreed on Luka joining his ranks once completing additional studies.

Upon successful internship completion, he moved once more for a year to Montpellier;in the south of France for the first half of his masters in M.Sc. Viticulture and Enology, and then one more year to Udine in north-eastern Italy for the degree completion. Meanwhile, he has enrolled in the Austrian Wine Academy in Rust, Austria, to frequent the WSET Diploma and Weinakademiker courses in order to build his knowledge of the final product and its market, to learn how to taste professionally in contest of a wine’s origin and regional history.

Luka now speaks English, Italian, Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian languages fluently, while German and French at an intermediate level, allowing him to use nearly all seven of them daily. This arsenal leads to immense exchange of information and accumulation of experience across borders.